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The Raising Confident Teens podcast covers topics relevant to teens and parents like goal-setting, time management, finances and communication. We also occasionally discuss heavier topics like sickness and substance abuse. If you have any topic ideas or a guest suggestion, feel free to drop an email to us at

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Great show from a great family!
Ian Skelley
Ian Skelley
Good family content on many many life topics dealing with kids, marriage, and all the things related to kids and marriage.
I think it’s brilliant to allow your children to take ownership of this podcast! This is such motivating and inspiring content and the ease of listening while working/driving. Thank you Murphy’s! Well done.
This is a great resource for not only parents and teens but anyone. So genuine and relevant life skills and practical advise. I call this the new “Murphy’s Law” and it is a good thing!
frank s piatt
Wonderfully put together. Engaging topics with real world implications for teens and their parents…all coming from an authentic family.
The format of this podcast is perfect for the content. The information is so valuable and provides usable tools for success.

The links below will take you to a separate page that contain show notes and a link to a html player of the episode.

Episode 089 – Just Because You Stop, Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed

Episode 088 – Unleash the Champ with Kyle Sullivan

Episode 087 – Side Hustles for Teens with Robert Farrington

Episode 086 – How to Keep Your Teen from Becoming a Hot Mess with Rosemarie Groner

Episode 085 – Staying Connected with Your Teen with Elise Knox

Episode 084 – Claiming Our Teens with Dea Irby

Episode 083 – Video Game Dependency with Aaron Huey

Episode 082 – Raising Teens Who Make a Difference with Natalie Silverstein

Episode 081 – The Attention Gap with Wes Woodhouse

Episode 080 – Career Skills that Will Help You Succeed with Mark Herschberg

Episode 079 – The Importance of Community with Brian Smith Jr.

Episode 078 – You Don’t Have to Be Right with Brannon Beliso

Episode 077 – Parent Their Passion – Part 2

Episode 076 – Parent Their Passion – Part 1

Episode 075 – Becoming Resilient

Episode 074 – How to Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids

Episode 073 – Using a Vision Board to Reach Your Goals

Episode 072 – How to Help Your Teen Become a Better Reader

Episode 071 – Let’s Get Organized Y’all

Episode 070 – Navigating Friendships

Episode 069 – Why Does My Teen Do Crazy Things

Episode 068 – Simply B with Bianca Brown

Episode 067 – Goal Setting with Esther Freeman (Part 2)

Episode 066 – Goal Setting with Esther Freeman (Part 1)

Episode 065 – Time Management for Teens

Episode 064 – The Great Things List

Episode 063 – You’ve Got the Power

Episode 062 – Wood You Like to Make Money?

Episode 061 – How to Calm an Angry Person in Ninety Seconds or Less (Part 2)

Episode 060 – How to Calm an Angry Person in Ninety Seconds or Less (Part 1)

Episode 059 – What’s Up With The Crypto Craze?

Episode 058 – Money Checkup with Hudson and Jenna

Episode 057 – Improving Parent-Teen Communication

Episode 056 – Bonus Episode: Our First FinCon Experience

Episode 055 – What Major Should I Pick? Should I Even Go to College?

Episode 054 – Want Better Grades?

Episode 053 – How to Defeat the Fear of Public Speaking

Episode 052 – Six Steps to School Success

Episode 051 – Is Your Teen Ready for College?

Episode 050 – What’s the Big News?

Episode 049 – Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

Episode 048 – Teens and Taxes

Episode 047 – Trust Your Instincts

Episode 046 – How to Communicate with Your Teen

Episode 045 – How to Become a Millionaire

Episode 044 – My Future’s So Bright…

Episode 043 – Student Like a Boss

Episode 042 – Life Got You Down?

Episode 041 – Could Your Teen Be Struggling with Substance Abuse?

Episode 040 – College Scholarship Strategies

Episode 039 – Get paid and reduce stress at the same time!

Episode 038 – Teens and Screens

Episode 037 – Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Episode 036 – How To Believe in Yourself with Push Gaines

Episode 035 – Blind, Bold and Changing the World!

Episode 034 – Apparently Your Mama Was Right

Episode 033 – Don’t Let Others Define You w/Jack O’Brien

Episode 032 – My Biggest Ah Ha Moment of the Year

Episode 031 – What Did We Learn From Our Road Trip?

Episode 030 – Money Challenge

Episode 029 – How to Become a Peak Performer

Episode 028 – Succeeding With Learning Differences

Episode 027 – Learning Strategies for Teens

Episode 026 – Save Massive Amounts for College

Episode 025 – Big Announcement

Episode 024 – Tips on Buying Your First Car

Episode 023 – Advice for the Class of 2020

Episode 022 – Special Guest Cassidy Mitchell

Episode 021 – Racial Tension in America

Episode 020 – Breaking Free from Bad Choices

Episode 019 – How Do You Win with Money

Episode 018 – Succeeding When the Odds Are Against You

Episode 017 – Can a Boring Pair of Socks Change Your Life?

Episode 016 – Teen Entrepreneurs w/Juliette Brindak Blake

Episode 015 – You Call the Shots w/Cameron Johnson

Episode 014 – Tips for Cutting Expenses During Tough Times

Episode 013 – Tips for Online Schooling

Episode 012 – How to Help Your Teens During Social Isolation

Episode 011 – Teens Response to Coronavirus

Episode 010 – Following Your Dreams w/Xaris Waltman

Episode 009 – Our Story

Episode 008 – A Career in the Special Forces

Episode 007 – Who Has More Willpower?

Episode 006 – Teens in Foster Care

Episode 005 – Open Your Mouth

Episode 004 – Teens Living with Chronically Ill Parents

Episode 003 – Consistency

Episode 002 – Goal Setting

Episode 001 – Introductions and Getting Started

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